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Well, I guess I'm in the camp he is complaining about, since I don't think a "virtual church" can even be a church. And the comment at the bottom about virtual communion and virtual baptism is terrible. Just because "everyone is doing it" doesn't make it right. Simplistic statement I know, but it's still true.

There is no personal responsibility or accountability, no real community, in all this virtual stuff.  I think we've lost the idea of what a true church is. We are so attached to the Web and all these devices. I wonder how much further will it go. Are we trying to put all of life in a virtual realm? Will a virtual friend visit you in the hospital? Will a virtual friend help the old lady with putting storm screens up? (700 virtual friends invited to a party and only 1 comes?!)


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Subject: [Dale and Janice Brueggemann] The Worth of a "Virtual" Church « Rev. Roy's Blog
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What do you think of this? It's interesting to note that the same blogger posted a complaint that of 700 Facebook "friends" invited to a party, only one showed up at the appointed time and place.

The Worth of a "Virtual" Church « Rev. Roy's Blog

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