Friday, January 30, 2009

10-40 Window

Yesterday, I described the Eurasia region that Janice and I serve as missionary-educators. In that post, I mentioned how much of the 10-40 window Eurasia comprised. If you compare the Eurasia map in that posting with the 10-40 window posted here, you can see what I mean.

The 10-40 window refers to the degrees latitude that mark a "window" of the least evangelized peoples of the world.

What does that mean in Eurasia? Eurasia's 44 countries and territories comprise 4,000 unreached people groups. And yet, less than 5% of Christian missionaries go to Eurasia!

Surely, you see a great gap in our obedience to the Great Commission. We're doing all we can through the training of pastors, evangelists, and missionaries to change that.

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