Friday, January 30, 2009

The Great Commission

When asked to open their Bibles to the Great commission, most congregations would open to Matthew 28:19-20. But if you think about it, why not open to Genesis 12:1-3? This was the job description for the people of God given to Abraham, the father of the people of God.

The purpose of God's people was to "bless the nations" (Gen 12:3). And lest you think these were deserving nations, read Genesis 11. The only nations there were (Gen 10) joined an international conspiracy against God (Gen 11). And what was God's response? Yes, he put a stop to the rebellion. But then he set about raising up a chosen people to bless those nations.

The 10-40 window is full of undeserving people. But God has called upon us to continue that task. That's why Janice and I work as missionary-educators throughout Eurasia.

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